We believe in family

We believe...

That experience is a great asset to protect.

That sharing and creating history bonds families together.

Knowing family stories makes us happier on our journey.

Family is any intimate group of individuals bonded by love.
Women holding a child
Archiving experiences and stories brings to life a great treasure of future generations.

Who is this for?

Family Historian

Regardless of age, you are usually the one everyone calls on when there is a family history question. You are the keeper of the records.

Saving history comes natural for you because you inherenty feel it's great value, even if it doesn't seen valuation today.

You have stories, photos, docs and records saved in several places but find it time consuming to manage and could use help.

The patient’s family

We all age. You've seen aging happen as you have watched your parent or family member start to lose their memory.

A lifetime of experience starts to erode from access. Memory loss is the long crisis and you feel it mounting.

You want to save these memories for the future, but more importantly you want to bond with your family before it's too late.

Our experiences

bring power not only to the words stored in an archive but also to the foundation of society, FAMILIES

Our programs

Holding hands

Archives for family history

  • Digital Archives: This program provides free archives to families upon request. There is no obligation. Individual archive subscription grants are provided for FamilyArc digital archives. Long term endowment to provide historical continuity for family archives.
  • Physical Archives: The Family Archives Foundation houses and maintains physical archives throughout the world including our heartland headquarters.
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Archives for Alzheimers

  • This program is for Alzheimer's sufferers and their family and friends.
  • The program includes methods and means for working with Alzheimer’s patients on capturing their personal histories.
Our Donors give the gift of legacy that can shape the future emotionally and constructively.
We believe in family

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Our Mission

FAMILY ARCHIVES FOUNDATION empowers and endows family history. The Foundation develops methodologies for empowering experience capture and long term access.

Family Archives Foundation

established 501c3 charitable status in 2006
Family Archives Foundation, operating as lpc National Charitable Foundation, filed as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Texas on Tuesday, April 1, 2003.
Business Offices located at 12221 Merit Drive, Ste 750, Dallas Texas 75251
Family Archives Museum and foundation operations located at the historic Broadhorn Church near St. Mary’s, Iowa. Learn more here Broadhorn.org

Our board and members


Don Harris


Brian Donaghy

Major Donors include:

IPC Foundation
Hodgdon Family Trust
Linda Bates Trust
Meriam Calabbria Trust
Hobby Lobby Foundation
Broadhorn Foundation
The Signatry
National Christian Foundation
Provision Bridge Foundation